What to do in liverpool? 

It can be hard living in the United Kingdom. You endure months of cold, dark, rainy morning commutes to work – followed by cold, dark, rainy evening commutes home from work.

But the grass gets greener, this week has seen glorious weather across the whole of the UK – with one Met Office satellite picture showing NO clouds at all over our glorious island. 

But nows the hard part what to do? Well we have had a look and this is what we’ve found 😁 


Golf any one 👀? 

GOLF !! You may say but The Boltic Triangle is far from boring. 


18 holes – £10 per person

Business partners Kip Piper and Danny Bolger create a completely immersive and interactive experience to add to the dynamic night-time scene in Liverpool and the Baltic Triangle .

“Crazy golf, cocktails, street food and dJ’s in an old brewery…”

You can book  online by going to www.ghettogolf.co.uk . 

So we’ve now seen golf isn’t boring what else does Liverpool have to offer? 

BINGO anyone? B-I-N-G-O are you crazy!  

Well crazy you’d have to be!! 

Yes the now WORLD famous Bongo’s Bingo🔞 

From Liverpool to Australia the Bingo of all Bingos. 

It’s hard to discribe Bongos, so we have a few pictures 

Table dancing, tequila drinking, rave it’s all going down. 

For the latest events go to https://www.bongosbingo.co.uk

We’re busy updating this page we thought we’d bring you a preview. 


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