“The most important sentence in any article is the first one. If it doesn’t induce the reader to proceed to the second sentence, your article is dead. And if the second sentence doesn’t induce him to continue to the third sentence, it’s equally dead. Of such a progression of sentences, each tugging the reader forward until … safely hooked, a writer constructs that fateful unit: the lead.”

— William Zinsser

So as you can see this page is the summary -click the little arrow in news and it will load articles, or out main blog page had all the post we do-

We bring you BREAKING NEWS, we don’t do daily or hourly news bits. We bring you the important bits.

Sadly at this time it’s all related to politics and the awful events that are taking place in Manchester and London.

“As a country we stand united, if we let these ideologists win we will divide and fall ” – Aleksi Rushworth-